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I Don't Know What I'm Doing

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So The Champions League is more fun than I thought

Michael Steele

You know, I've gotten pretty much accustomed to my prediction skills making me look like a total nincompoop. I've even embraced it. That's why we watch football, right? It's unpredictable nature? Yeah well, yesterday was pretty hilarious, even for me. That doesn't mean it wasn't fun to watch, and at least for a couple hours made me appreciate not having anywhere to be or anything to do.

Barca slap around Celtic? While Celtic wasn't doing anything that wowed the imagination, they were certainly stubborn and determined against an off-color Barca side. It wouldn't have been too hard to see that Celtic would be a threat off set-pieces, if they could get one, as Barcelona doesn't have anyone over 6-0 at the moment, do they? But of course, why would I say that before the match. And only Barca can sign a left back who's going to score vital goals at the death. A fucking left back.

Yep, Juve drew with the side that I forgot had Michael Parkhurst in it. Parkhurst has emerged from his Bornstein like dungeon that I had him in. Should have known.

At least I didn't say anything about ManUre, so I couldn't get annoyed when Darth Hernandez came up with his usual two very annoying goals to give them points they probably didn't deserve.

And of course, Chelsea. It pains me to admit, but I've really enjoyed the work that Mata-Oscar-Hazard have been doing together -- Marin can't even get in the fucking side --, that I probably like everyone else forgot to look at what are their flaws. While Ramires is a fine player, I've always though Mikel was a sped and couldn't be trusted as a holding midfielder. Hardly the torch-carrier from Essien, though he stays healthy a lot longer than Essien did. If you can somehow avoid being torn apart by their attacking trio, you can have at their defensive shield all day. Be it Cahill, Luiz, Terry, they're all not trust-worthy, and Ramires can simply be outnumbered. You wonder how dearly it will cost them. Champions League clubs will probably find them out, but they can run four and five past almost every Premier League team to be front-runners for the title. Sucks, but it's the way it is.

So today? Well again, I forgot there was a match in Russia going on now. So that still holds true. At least Kljestan is on the bench. Elsewhere, Dortmund and Madrid should be a time. No one likes going into Dortmund, which has to be the loudest and steepest building I've ever been in. The sound just reverberates all over and shakes your skull. And I wasn't even there for a match involving Dortmund or Germany. Arsenal and Schalke is a perfect match of nearly-sides in their respective leagues. It feels like those two will always be good, but not good enough to really make you notice.

And that's as much as you'll get from me today.