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Liverpool Player Ratings v Reading

Same old song and dance, loads of chances few goals.

"Hey Raheem, how do you do that thing where you put the ball on target?"
"Hey Raheem, how do you do that thing where you put the ball on target?"
Clive Brunskill


Jones - 8 - Did quite well all game long. He commanded his box, but not recklessly as he had done in the past. Perhaps this little spell on the sidelines will light the fire under Reina's ass.

Wisdom - 7 - A few shaky moments, but a good display. He also played the ball to Suarez for the flick to Raheem on the goal with a good pass out of the back.

Skrtel - 7 - I give him a 7, but he still needs to cut out the needless fouls, especially at the end of the game. They really could have cost Liverpool dearly.

Agger - 7 - Held the line well and supported the attack on a few occasions. A very good performance.

Johnson - 8 - Eight might be a little low. He sure brought his shooting boots and was unlucky not to score on at least on of them. He was a constant threat down the flanks and was involved in nearly every attack in the first half. Great game.

Sahin - 7 - A very good first half followed by an anonymous second. His movement was good and he created a number of chances for himself, at least one of the lot should have been put away.

Allen - 7 - Another fantastic display of passing. He did very well in the first half to keep the ball from reaching the back line. Kept things ticking all game.

Gerrard - 7 - A typical Gerrard game in which he started a significant portion of the Liverpool attacks. He also got forward well and easily could have scored too (I'll probably say that for everyone).

Sterling - 8 - Fantastic finish to slot his first Premier League goal home. He was constantly linking with Suarez and Gerrard to get the attack moving. His movement was superb and he probably should have had more than one, especially on the shot where he made himself some space near the penalty spot, but shot straight at the keeper.

Suso - 7 - Played some good passes early on and had some terrific movement off the ball. Faded a bit in the second and was rightly substituted.

Suarez - 7 - Stay on your feet son. It's the only way you will ever ditch your reputation. He was a thorn in the side of the Reading defense all game long. However, he only gets a seven because he HAS TO START FINISHING all the chances he creates. If he finished even a fifth of the chances he created we would easily be top of the league; of his 10 shots only one, yes ONE, was on target. Wasteful.


Shelvey - 7 - A very good performance. Sprung a number of attacks and didn't get a red card. That is success for him in my book.

Enrique - 7 - Oh boy, he should have had 3 assists in his first 5 minutes. Very lively down the flank. It will be interesting so see how he is once he is back.

Henderson - N/A - Not much time to do anything.