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Liverpool's attacking nightmare comes to fruition, just like you knew it would.

Clive Brunskill - Getty Images

Hey remember at the end of August when we were all like, "Well, no one can get hurt now!", even though deep down we know someone would and then the club and manager but mostly those above him would look totally stupid? Kinda funny now, huh? What do you mean you're crying?

Liverpool got the worst possible news on Fabio Borini today. He cracked a bone in his foot while off with the Italian U-21's and is out for three months. Seems like every diagnosis Liverpool get these days is for three months. It's a heartbreaker for Borini. The only way he was going to adapt to the team and prove his worth is by playing games and finding the net again, and now he can't. And who knows what team he'll find when he gets back, or how long it'll take him to even just get back to the underwhelming form he was in.

For the club? You know what I'm going to write here. There just aren't any bodies, or at least enough bodies. Even just for Saturday, if Liverpool had anything resembling an acceptable number of first-team strikers, you probably wouldn't ask Luis Suarez to lead the line after an outing at La Paz and it's Cloud City elevation. Now you don't have much of a choice.

What is the first choice front three now? Sterling-Suarez-Suso? Downing? God forbid, Joe Cole? Does anyone have an answer? How much can you ask of barely-shaving Sterling and Suso? Now that answer has to be "too much."

Beyond that? Hooo boy. Samed Yesil is going to get more games than he could have ever dreamed of. Adam Morgan is probably going to have to be in every squad even though he hasn't really proven he should be.

But it's all going to have to get more creative than that. One solution bounding around my head right now is stationing Steven Gerrard on the right of the front three. Liverpool have more than enough cover in the center of midfield with Allen, Sahin, Henderson, and Shelvey. Is Gerrard suited for it? No, probably not. Could he make it work? Probably. He's clever enough and just like in 2006 you wouldn't be asking him to be a right-winger. You'd be asking him to play from the right, to combine with the striker or strikers in the middle (just as he did with Crouch in that FA Cup winning year). He'd be doing it from a more advanced position, but at this point, what else have you got?

Oh, and Andy Carroll might already want to start packing his bags in London for his assured recall back to Merseyside in January.