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International Thread

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Lots To Do Today

Laurence Griffiths - Getty Images

It's another international weekend, mostly full of matches that won't be very easy on the eyes as some big country waps some smaller one upside the head. But there are bits here and there.

-First, the news. Fabio Borini broke his foot while training with Italian U-21s. It's hard not to think that this doesn't have something to do with the foot/ankle knock that forced him off against United and to the shelf. He was in contention to play the following week and then did start against Udinese. So maybe it's not. No word on how long he's going to be out, but broken bones in the feet for a footballer is rarely a short amount of time. So what we said absolutely couldn't happen -- an injury on the front line -- has happened. Some Yezil, one would have to assume.

-England get the batting practice fastball that is San Marino today, and that's on FSC if you're playing hooky from work or don't have to to work today. Wayne Rooney will captain while Steven Gerrard is suspended. And if you're going to be suspended, the San Marino match is probably it. You know how this goes. England will make this harder than it has to be for at least the first half, the fans will get restless, the press will make far too much of it and it will all start again Tuesday. In the end they'll probably run out 3-0 or 4-0 winners with a couple late goals after it's all decided. You won't miss much if you decide to do something with your afternoon instead.

-The U.S. gets what should be a batting practice fastball in Antigua. But if there's a side that can make things harder than it has to be better than England, it's the Yanks. Landon Donovan is hurt, so is Brek Shea. Both left-backs are hurt as well. So the lineup could be a guess, but it will probably involve not playing Danny Williams in the middle like it should and it will involve Jermaine Jones, which is just going to infuriate me. Worse, this one's on BeInTV, which means you can listen to Marcelo Balboa use the word "nice" at least 145 times during the match and Phil Schoenn struggle to get blood to his brain. Good times all around.

-The most intriguing match of the day has to be Argentina hosting Uruguay. While both of these sides will qualify for the World Cup, with Brazil out of the qualifiers because of hosting duties, this is the preeminent match-up in South America. Argentina aren't making a pig's ear of things this time around, leading the group. Uruguay sit just above the playoff-spot, so it will only take a bad result or two before they start to get nervous. This one's on BeIn Spanish, if you get that. I think maybe six of you do.

-Other good matches to catch if you have ESPN 3 and they actually let you are Serbia v. Belgium (Belgium is turning into a sneaky good side), and Russia-Portugal which has actually already kicked off and the Russians lead. Because Portugal losing is never a bad thing.