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Being:Liverpool Kinda, Sorta, Maybe Thinks About Taking Off

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The fourth episode is probably the best.

Clive Brunskill - Getty Images

While we've already derided "Being:Liverpool" as pretty much a propaganda piece, that doesn't mean I haven't been watching. After all, anything that might make me feel closer to the club I support, I'm going to take the opportunity. And I really have nothing else to do.

And while it wasn't gripping television exactly, I'd have to say the fourth episode was the one I enjoyed the most. We got more of a look behind the scenes, what actually goes into the management of the team instead of expository stuff about philosophy or something of that ilk. We saw the night-before meeting, the pregame and halftime talk, and some training work. That's probably more than we got in the first three episodes combined. So there was that. Also, I felt like I got a real good feel for what matchday feels like for the players -- the tension, the nervousness, the concentration and all that. I know what matchday is like for me, but it was cool to see the players before a match.

Other thoughts:

-First, does this David Kirkby character always talk in poem? And if he does am I really supposed to believe that no one's hit him in the face with a lawn-mower yet?

-Watching all the fans on their way to West Brom, and then the 10 fat guys sitting around a microphone after the match and listening to what they had to say, I think I feel secure in my level of support for LFC. It's not a psychosis at least.

-Liked the bit with Jamie Carragher and his son. Every time I see an interview with Carra he seems like a pretty genuine guy, which makes blasting his play on the field harder than it should be. I mean, he's still the guy who fought Arbeloa over nothing and refused to play right back for Rafa at Boro, but still. You can see his love for the club and the game just shining through. And my father wouldn't have stood in the pouring rain to watch me play anything. But I don't blame him. Standing still in the rain sucks. Maybe if you're English you're just used to it.

-Good god, did you see the size of that bus Liverpool takes? How does that fit on English roads? There's no way.

-Clive Owen still sounds really bored.

-I'll admit that all the fans and employees talking about Liverpool winning the league made me uncomfortable. Either they just can't see the forest for the trees, they're saying it to say it, or they have a lack of vision. If they were American, we'd call them meatballs. It's obvious to any supporter with a brain that there's a project here. I get why they were included, but I hope that's not how a majority of the support in Liverpool feels. Though that would explain some of the nuttier aspects of the pressure a Liverpool manager faces.

-I feel like the Spirit of Shankly got way too much credit for what they are, and again probably part of the propaganda aspect of this. Their "marches", as F365 put it, was from the Pub We We Were At To The Football Match We Were Going To Anyway. And it's not like they forced much change at the club, just kind of poisoned things, much like those green and yellow scarf waving hypocritical morons at Old Trafford.

-Seriously? Poems all the time?