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Norwich v Liverpool: Liverpool Player Ratings

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Ahhh, doesn't that feel nice like warm apple pie? Fantastic team performance which was perfectly illustrated by the build up to Gerrard's last goal. There were 21 passes in that play. Yes, you read that right, watch it here if you would like. Hopefully Liverpool can take this momentum forward through the rest of the season. On to the ratings:

Julian Finney - Getty Images

Reina - 6 - Well he made two fantastic saves in the first half (even though one was ultimately ruled offside), then undid all that great work with yet another gaffe in goal. He has to punch that or catch it. He tried to catch it...and failed leading to Norwich's second goal. I do think tubby Grant Holt was offside and blocking his vision during the shot, but we all know that never gets called.

Wisdom - 8 - Another good display from the youngster. Solid in defense and pushed forward to attack often as well. I really can't think of any moment that he struggled.

Skrtel - 6 - Good on the day...except for gifting Holt a goal. Defensive lapses are going to start killing Liverpool.

Agger - 8 - Looked comfortable overall and played a beautiful ball in for Suarez to get him 1v1 with the keeper. Yeah, he should have scored that.

Johnson - 8 - Did well with what little defending he had to do which allowed him to spring forward as he always does and keep the pressure on Norwich.

Sterling - 7 - Rough first half, but did quite well in the second. He took his space and ran straight at the Norwich defense to start the play that set up Sahin's goal and also played a big part in Gerrard's with a very heads up pass to the top of the box.

Allen - 8 - Yet another clinic in passing. Early on the game really seemed to pass him by completely. It wasn't really his fault, Liverpool were just more direct and the passes from defense tended to bypass the midfield. However, he quickly grew into the game and did what he does, controlled the midfield. It is nice also because it allows Gerrard to play higher.

Gerrard - 8 - Very unlucky not to score on a beautifully weighted pass over the top from Suarez that he headed, forcing a good stop from Ruddy. In the end a goal as well, even if it might have taken a fortunate deflection. Otherwise, he put in two consecutive good shifts so hopefully those first few games were just flukes.

Sahin - 8 - Unfortunately, rumor has it, rumor has it, rumor has it (damn you Adele) that he does not have an option to buy in the loan contract. Another game, another goal. Overall he was quite good in possession and created. His movement also started the chain of events that lead to the first goal.

Suso - 7 - He played the pass for Suarez's third after running at the defense. He does seem to have an uncanny understanding with Suarez and the other players. I can see, and will be glad to see him get some games this year.

Suarez - 11 - Three goals and an assist, the man gets a 11 out of 10. Can we please play all of our games at Carrow Road? In addition, he had a clear cut penalty denied again by a referee who was not watching the play, but thinking about the player instead and also put in a lovely ball to Gerrard's head that nearly saw him have another assist. He was just everywhere and even when Liverpool had let up towards the end he was still driving on, even if at a more relaxed pace. Just immense.


Assaidi - 6 - Did well to make a couple of his runs, but the game was long gone by the time he came on which makes it a bit more difficult on him as his teammates aren't exactly running full tilt to support at that point.

Henderson - 6 - Took over for Sahin and didn't really put a foot wrong. Didn't have too many opportunities to make much of an impression, but was tidy overall.

Carragher - 6 - There wasn't a lot to do by the time he came on, but he had about 15 minutes so he had to be graded.