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A Big To-Do About A Big Geordie

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Well, he's not drinking here.
Well, he's not drinking here.

With some injury concerns quieting down, the big (somewhat) story of the past couple days is Andy Carroll and his nocturnal habits. Fabio Capello felt it necessary to once again tell the press that Andy needed to not have to buy the last round again. Whether this was some sort of justification for not playing him in either England game, I highly doubt, as it was probably more the result of Downing-Young-Rooney looking mighty fine without him. England and Liverpool both are wanting to play at a pace that Carroll at the moment doesn't aid.

Anyway, that little salve from the Italian caused a question to be asked of Kenny Dalglish at his presser today, and it led to quite the spiky answer from the Scot. Kenny vigorously defended his forward, claiming that last season was a result of a knee injury he was rushed back from (probably true), and they've been delighted with his fitness this year (probably not untrue). Considering that Carroll played in every preseason games, started two of our four games this year while appearing in another, one would have to consider that to be the truth.

But it all comes back to Carroll's lifestyle, doesn't it? Look, I don't read the English version of Deadspin, which as far as I can gather is the mainstream press over there. I don't know if Carroll is facedown in the pub toilet every night, but i think I probably would have read that somewhere if he were. And quite frankly, i don't think any of us should care until it affects his play on the field.

Is it? There's no evidence to suggest that. From what I can tell his natural lack of pace is keeping him out of the side at the moment, with the preferred choice of the humming Suarez, Downing, and Henderson getting on the field. Is Carroll sluggish because he's hungover?

That can't be, because I doubt a club like Liverpool would ever stand for that. Would they announce that? No, but Carroll wouldn't be playing at all if the club were angry or punishing him ins some way. They haven't done that. He's still out where everyone can see, and could very well start in what could be a Royal Rumble of a match at Stoke this weekend.

From what I can tell this is just an easy story to write and speculate, and that's what people are doing. It's fun and attracts readers when you say Carroll can't get on the field because he's pissed himself from drinking. Doesn't have to be necessarily true. I don't know what Carroll is doing at night, but it has to be within reason because he hasn't been reprimanded.

What's important is to remember it's such a long season. A player who looks frozen out now could be the hub of the attack by December. Anyone see Maxi scoring seven goals in a month last year? Or Lucas becoming the most important player in the squad? The press is so quick to hit the alarm on anything, but I think Carroll will still play a big part of this season.