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NextGen Series, 1PM EST: Liverpool U19's vs. Molde U19's

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Unfortunately this guy is a year too old to participate.
Unfortunately this guy is a year too old to participate.

Sorry for not putting this up earlier, but I only just found out there would be a free stream provided so I figured it would be worth it to throw up a thread. This will be the second game of the NextGen series (informally known as the U19 Champions League) for Liverpool. Molde play at the Aker Stadium, which has a capacity of just under 15,000 and is expected to be sold out for this match. The first team are currently in first place in the Norwegian league, while their U19 side beat Wolfsburg in their first game in the NextGen series. With Sporting of Portugal also having just beat Wolfsburg, they lead the group with 6 points. A win today would be great if Liverpool want to get out of their group.

A free stream (in Norwegian) has been provided here:

The game starts at 1pm EST, and I'll be here commenting on the first half, though unfortunately I have a class during the second half. I'll post the line-ups as soon as they are available.