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Liverpool 2 - 1 Wolves: I'll Take That

Good job today, big fella.
Good job today, big fella.

The scoreline is one that most would consider to be fair, but this match could have gone any direction. Liverpool were lucky to take the lead off a deflected own goal, but Luis Suarez's beautiful finish later in the first half was a great goal that put Liverpool deservedly in the lead. Wolves had their moments of brilliance, however, taking control early in the match and for much of the second half. Fortunately, they frequently seemed unable to get the final ball past Liverpool's defense, and were only able to score once, during their period of dominance early in the second half.

Despite only conceding once, Liverpool's defense were shaky throughout. Skrtel seemed to be giving up dangerous fouls every time Wolves got near the box, and Carragher was not much better. The fullbacks, in particular Jose Enrique, were much better. Martin Kelly had a solid game, but was beaten occasionally. Jose Enrique was brilliant, frequently starting attacks down the left and getting forward to support them. Not many Wolves attacks were able to come down his side.

The two biggest stories from this game, however, are about the attack. The first is that Andy Carroll had perhaps his best game for Liverpool besides the Manchester City victory. He failed to score, but came close on several occasions, with perhaps his best chance being a header that hit the post. Carroll was not wonderful or great, but was much more mobile and active than in the past. If he can continue to improve and find his form, it will help Liverpool tremendously. The second big story was the return of Steven Gerrard. I was hoping to see more of him, but he still impressed during his limited time on the pitch.

There were two noticeable weak spots to Liverpool today, though. Charlie Adam and Jordan Henderson were both poor overall. Adam was decent, but if Gerrard was to take his starting spot, Liverpool would be better off. It's not so much his Henderson, meanwhile, seemed anonymous for much of the game. Almost every Liverpool attack came down the left through Downing and Enrique, with Henderson and Kelly not able to start much down the right. As a squad option, I like Adam a lot, and I like Henderson as one for the future, but right now they shouldn't be part of our starting line-up.

But all things considered, a win today was a fair and good result for Liverpool. It leaves the team in fifth place, two points behind 4th place Newcastle and three points behind 3rd place Chelsea, but only a point in front of Tottenham (who have a game in hand against Everton). Losses at Stoke and Tottenham may have been demoralizing, but it's a long season, and we still have a long way to go.