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Whatever: Brighton 1 - Liverpool 2

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Hey there he is.
Hey there he is.

Couldn't have been more wrong about Andy Carroll. Nice to see my prediction skills haven't changed this season.

Anyway, "whatever" is all I can muster about this game. There were some wonderful moments, and there were some bad moments. In the first half, Dirk Kuyt, Craig Bellamy, Luis Suarez, and at times Maxi just played some wonderful stuff. And if it wasn't for the post (three fucking times?!), this match would have been over long before the 90th minute. But you can play some wonderful football when the opposition stands and watches as if it was the world of 1984. Once the pressure was amped, that quartet didn't sparkle as they had. But then again, they didn't get much help as a tiring Lucas and Spearing  were a bit overrun.

The defense still looked ropey at parts, and that was against a Championship side resting some of its regulars. Coates looked pretty assured, and then had one heinous giveaway. Jack Robinson was caught totally napping on Brighton's best chance in the first half.

But whatever. It's a win, and after Sunday that's pretty much the prescription. Maybe we just have to get used to the inconsistency of this side as we all try and figure out what's the best system and the best players to fill it. It wasn't going to be as quick as we'd hoped or deluded ourselves into believing after a couple of opening performances. Ah well, such is the game.

Other thoughts:

-Craig Bellamy is going to have to find more time on the field. He's already got a rapport with Suarez, and he's found the same chemistry he had with Kuyt the one season they did share together. He's been lively in all of his appearances. He can play all across the line and be dangerous from there. While Kuyt pops up to score often, he's not as dangerous out wide as Bellamy is. Henderson too. That's not to say that Bellamy should immediately find himself first-choice, but he's also probably worthy of more than just 20-minute cameos either.

-Once again, Liverpool couldn't manage the second goal to ease tension until very late. But at least they got it before the customary Carragher fuck up this time. Though to be fair to Carra, he had a lot of help from Jay Spearing.

-Sebastien Coates now has his first 90 in a Liverpool shirt. He would be better served partnered with Agger, but that's not an option right now, is it?

-Boy, if Andy Carroll can't manage even a substitute appearance in the Carling Cup with a lead when Liverpool reduce themselves to one forward at the end, I'm not sure what to say. We're still talking about a Liverpool career that isn't even reached the burgeoning stage, but if not now, when does he get an opportunity?

-Still, that counter-attack goal for the second was really gorgeous.

-The Captain's back. I don't know that only 15 minutes will prepare him for a starting role on Saturday. But at least that's approaching.

-A win Saturday will make this look a lot better.