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These Basically Just Become Injury Updates, Don't They?

Soon, right?
Soon, right?

Don't the weeks after a loss take so much longer than the ones after a win? This is where the lack of European football really kicks in, because at least it would be less days until the next match. Instead, for most of this season after a loss we're just going to have to sit here and stew over a bad decision from a ref or player, and that's a terrible way to get through a work week. Much better to just outright ditch the office to go catch some Euro footy at the corner pub. I'll remember to appreciate it more next season when we're back in the Champions League. Anyway...

-All injury news basically. Steven Gerrard isn't going to be rushed, which probably means he won't be making an appearance at White Hart Lane (or known by its other name, Looter-ville). That had been the target, at least for him. But it probably makes a whole lot more sense to give him a run out in the much less pressurized atmosphere of a Carling Cup trip to Brighton than throwing him into the Spurs fire, as they'll be just as desperate for points as can be. Their start to the season won't exactly inspire Icelandic sagas, and they'll know they're facing a direct competitor for a Champions League spot on Sunday.

This worries me a bit, because without Gerrard and Meireles off, there is a lack of spark from advanced midfield. Suarez has been more effective playing up top, or maybe that's just when he doesn't have to run around the obelisk of Andy Carroll. Jordan Henderson seems to have been exclusively used wide, though this would be his preferred position. We'll see how they lineup Sunday. Maybe Gerrard still makes the bench.

-Glen Johnson had a setback against Stoke, and now is out another month. It's more ok than it would have been, as Martin Kelly is back in full training. But we have to consider him fragile now, after two leg-twangs, and another one would see some awfully square pegs lining up at right back. Although if Aurelio can manage his autumn five minutes of fitness, I bet Kenny wouldn't hesitate to throw either he or Enrique on the right just to keep from having to regularly throw out the odd-fit Skrtel or unprepared Flanagan there.

-The U19's drew with Wolfsburg in the NextGen series last night, needed an own goal at the death to salvage that. But from all reports it was a match where they deserved more. Always nice to see the kids emulate the adults, isn't it?

-Kenny had his clear the air talks with Mike Riley, head of officialdom -- which is kind of rich because I always thought Riley was a mediocre ref at best. Why doesn't Paul Durkin have this job? Anyway, this has been a lot about nothing, as Kenny said something in the heat of post match and this is nothing Sir Wine A Lot down the M62 hasn't done, and I never see house calls at Carrington. Whatever.