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NextGen Series: Liverpool U19's vs. Wolfsburg U19's

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Could we be seeing his successor playing for us today?
Could we be seeing his successor playing for us today?

While most other top European sides are busy this week playing European competitions with their first teams, Liverpool's U19's are once again in action while the first team gets a rest to train. Currently in second place in Group 2 (3 points behind Sporting Clube de Portugal, and ahead of Molde because of GD), the Liverpool U19's have had a mixed start to the NextGen Series. A decent performance against Sporting (except by the very poor Jonjo Shelvey) produced no points, while a good effort against Molde produced all three. This game against Wolfsburg is by no means a "must win," but as it is at Anfield and Wolfsburg currently have no points and a GD of -3, a Liverpool win should be expected.

Liverpool will likely field close to the same line-up against Wolfsburg as they did against Molde in their typical 4-2-3-1. Perhaps the most interesting decision will be if Adorjan is to start instead of Suso, or if Suso will be pushed further back into Roddan's place to allow Adorjan up front. Adam Morgan may also get the start instead of Michael Ngoo, though Ngoo's dominating performance against Molde should secure him the start. Due to his poor attitude (but great play), a message may be sent to Toni Silva by leaving him on the bench in favor of Suso (who can also play wide in a role similar to that of Nasri or Silva), again with Adorjan taking the central role.

Unlike the last game, where it wasn't known where the game could be watched until right before it started, this game will be broadcast on LFC.TV starting at 7PM BST/2PM EST.

Expected line-up (4-2-3-1): Belford; McLaughlin, Wisdom, Sama, Smith; Coady, Roddan; Sterling, Suso, SIlva; Ngoo