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Monday Morning Chart Reader

Slightly better than I thought.
Slightly better than I thought.

That time again when I get to get all tactic-y and go over some things that I see in the charts.

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 by Guardian Chalkboards

  by Guardian Chalkboards

We'll start with Stewart Downing's game, and as you can see in the second half he was all over the pitch, not just confined to the left side as he was in the first half. We'll see a lot of Downing on the right this year, as it sets him up to be a bigger goal threat and more than just a crossing threat. Still, you wonder if this didn't lead to some of the disjointedness in the second half, when Suarez tired and Henderson continued to be a ghost.

-I can't get the charts to work for this, but it's obvious just how much Luis Suarez tired, which was to be expected. Granted, he played 15 minutes less in the second half than he did the first, coming off in the 75th. But he attempted less than half the passes he did in the first, and wasn't nearly as far forward. And almost never popping up wide on the left as he did in the first 45. Maybe it was because Downing was moving more to the right and he didn't have anyone to link up with, or maybe his legs just wouldn't take him there.

-As Liverpool Offside noted today and NC Nole pointed out in the comments for the wrap, I could put up a chart of the amount of interceptions and tackles Jordan Henderson made, but it would be a blank page. Tells you just about everything you need to know.

-While I gave Adam a hard time about his defensive prowess, he actually won as many tackles as Lucas did, and only engaged in three less.

-Sorry about the center indented article, but this thing sometimes can't handle the charts.