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Adam Fee Agreed, Dalglish To Opt For 3-7-0 Formation

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I guess...
I guess...

Ah summer. You can go weeks with only gossip based on a stiff breeze and one writer having to stiff a drink. And then everything happens. Way of the world.

Anyway, today Liverpool agreed a fee of about 7 million for Charlie Adam. Reportedly there will be a couple players headed the other way on loan. The name that's always mentioned in this is Jonjo Shelvey, which is ok. He needs the time, never got a start last season and probably wouldn't get one next season either. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that Jay Spearing is also a candidate, because the numbers just don't add up. But then again, neither of the two additions, Adam and Jordan Henderson, play quite as deep as Spearing can. So is Lucas going to be our only holding midfielder? And don't Adam and Steven Gerrard both want to play slightly deeper to send passes to no one?

Maybe I shouldn't worry. Kenny Dalglish has such an aura and name that he doesn't have to play anyone simply because of a transfer fee. What does he care? He's a legend either way. Still, I can only report to be lukewarm on this signing, as Adam isn't a backup striker or a wide player. He seems to be more of what we have. At least Henderson had youth on his side. But I'm very willing to be wrong.

On to other notes, Glen Johnson has re-upped his deal, and this is good news. On a Dalglish team the fullbacks have to attack, and that's what Johnson does best (especially if we consider that we still have no genuine width in midfield). It also calls for Martin Kelly to either earn his first 11 status or move to the middle some, none of which can be considered a bad thing. Kelly was great in the brief time he had a run in the team, but that's all the evidence we have, and it wasn't enough to fully hand him the keys.

Elsewhere, Villa want 19 million for Stewart Downing. Why go in depth with this? No. Thanks. Move. On.