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Galatasaray (Chock A Broccoli)

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Oh come on Kenny, I know you can do more pull-ups than that.
Oh come on Kenny, I know you can do more pull-ups than that.

We can take time out today from discussing if Alberto Aquilani is actually going to Fiorentina or not (no one has any clue), to watch an actual match today. Well, you can if you're willing to ditch work or at least ignore it at your desk (I would if I had a real job at the moment) and you have a subscription to Liverpool I'm still considering it.

Anyway, the preseason should start rounding into shape today, with only three friendlies left. You can look for Dalglish to have some players out there for more than the half they've been in the first three friendlies, as he begins to really instill his formations and tactics. I haven't seen anything about a traveling squad, or who might start. Steven Gerrard and Reina won't for sure. Meireles probably not. Martin Skrtel might. Daniel Agger probably won't. Other than that, I'll find out with all of you.

What we'd most like to see today is a semblance of defensive solidity. Without both Skrtel and Agger for matches, Liverpool have looked way ropey at the back. Hopefully that begins to change today. Other than that, if Aquilani's playing we'll know this Fiorentina deal is way off. Hopefully Joe Cole will stop wasting our time. Would be good to see Downing and Henderson get more of a runout too. But we'll just have to see.

This is your Gamethread as well.