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Tuesday Transfer Rumor Roundup

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Since you guys were doing such a great job with the transfer chart in the fanposts I held off on writing up another transfer post, but that seems to have slowed so I felt the time was right to throw up another rumor post.

The hottest rumor today is that of Paul Konchesky.  Leicester City, a Championship team managed by Sven Goran Eriksson, are said to be buying him for £1.5m.  Would be a good deal for both sides in my opinion, but it's unknown how much Leicester will be paying Konchesky in wages, and if Liverpool will have to make up the difference (he is currently on £40k a week, and Leicester are rumored to have a £35k a week wage cap).  For our sake, let's hope this happens.

The goalkeeper situation is an interesting one.  The Brazilian Doni, who has made 172 appearances for Roma, looks to be joining, though it's unclear if it's on a free transfer with Roma agreeing to void his contract (similar to the Jovanovic situation I will cover later), or for a small fee.  Either way, he should be a big upgrade on Brad Jones, and would allow us to send Peter Gulacsi on loan, with Hull City in the Championship being a likely destination.  If he goes on 2 or 3 successful loans, to either Championship or Premier League teams, I think he'll likely end up being sold, which would let us gain a good profit.

As mentioned, Jovanovic seems free to look for a new club.  As he's rumored to be on £70k a week (though he earned £120k a week this past season due to a signing-on bonus being paid throughout the year), even leaving on a free would let us save significant money (£3.6m a year).  He seems to be pushing for a move to Lille though he may have to settle for a different club.

The newest Liverpool rumors regard a move for Caen's 16 year old striking/winger M'Baye Niang.  He's very young, very talented (3 goals in 7 appearances for Caen in Ligue 1 last year), and very French, so I am personally surprised Wenger hasn't decided to buy him as a replacement for Nasri (kidding... kind of).  Rumored price seems to be around £6m, with him being loaned back to Caen for a year.  I'd love to see this happen, as he is the type of young talent we need to be stockpiling.

Now for some quick tidbits... The Mata deal seems to be on hold, either because he doesn't want to move or because Liverpool and Arsenal aren't bidding enough money.  No idea to be sure.  Cissokho from Lyon seems to be a back-up option for Enrique (Newcastle are demanding something like £15m) or, ideally but realistically impossible, Baines.  Villa are demanding ridiculous amounts (£25m) for Downing, and Liverpool were offering £15m and now possibly £18.5m or £15m and a player).

Who do you want us to sign?  Would you all be happy with Downing and Enrique?