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Monday Notes

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Because we need more ugly
Because we need more ugly

Taking a break today to go over some minor news regarding our favorite club.

-Reports suggest the Charlie Adam deal is closer than ever, which means I'm as confused as ever. While I get the policy of buying anyone British and young, I don't know that Adam helps all that much. And he's not that young, already 26. He's yet another central midfielder, which if you consider Henderson a winger somehow is still an overcrowded position. And Blackpool fans weren't exactly shedding that many tears at his possible exit, probably from nursing bruises received when his various Hollywood passes hit them squarely in the mush. Think of the rash, young Gerrard who also had the same problems, especially with England. While it can't be a bad thing to have too many good players, I can't escape the feeling that this is cash that could be used to get a winger better than Stewart Downing. I.e. any winger. Some of this could be absolved by loaning out Jonjo Shelvey, who would get to start a lot of games that way, and even possibly Jay Spearing. It all remains to be seen.

-Alberto Aquilani won't be going to Juventus, but I highly doubt he's coming back to Anfield. It still smacks of negotiating tactics to me and eventually Liverpool will sell for what's been offered. Unless...

-This story of Raul Meireles being shipped off due to a contract dispute is true. The story goes that Raul took a pretty low salary to come to England, with the understanding that he would get a raise if he proved successful. He did that, but now isn't getting the raise. This doesn't make a lot of sense to me as FSG, while not loaded with cash, made it pretty clear they would have money for the players they wanted. Meireles has to be one of those. We of course don't know the details. If he goes then there is a spot open for Aquilani, and I bet he'd fit in pretty well with what Dalglish wants to do. I think Aquilani is a better, or at least more threatening, player than Meireles, if not the all around game. At least Dalglish would give him a chance, he gave everyone one. That's not something Benitez or Hodgson could claim.

-Boudebouz and Sissoko of Lyon are trying to up their price by claiming Liverpool want them. Always curious when it's a player or agent making the interest known. Don't sit on a hot stove waiting for these two.