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Friday Rumor Round-up

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The European transfer window may not be open yet, but Liverpool are still racing to complete deals in England.  One that has gained a lot of traction over the past 24 hours has been the Clichy to Liverpool story.  Clichy has been rumored to be one of 3 LB's that Liverpool are looking at (the other two being Cissokho and Enrique), and is definitely an interesting choice.  He'll only be turning 26 in July, so he is a similar age to Enrique (who turns 26 in January) but has lots of Premier League and Champions League experience.  While our initial bid is only rumored to be £5m, I think we could get him for about £9m if we really wanted him.

With the Henderson deal done and confirmed, it's looking like N'Gog will be moving the other way, though as part of a separate deal as he is currently in the United States on vacation.  Initial rumors valued him at £7m, which would be an amazing sale for us if true.

Charlie Adam and Connor Wickham look to be the next two players to join LFC, for £7m and £10m respectively.  These deals seem to be all but done, with the Wickham one being confirmed when he's back from the U21's and the Adam one being confirmed when he's back from his vacation.

The Phil Jones deal is interesting.  Rumors emerged Wednesday morning that he was heading to Liverpool for a medical, which then changed to that he was off to Manchester United for one.  It emerged that he was extremely close to signing for us before Manchester United came in at the last minute and signed him.  However, the deal hasn't been officially confirmed because apparently his contract has a clause that says he can talk to another team if a bid comes in at £16m, but doesn't have to actually be sold for that amount.  Now if rumors are to be believed Liverpool have gone back in and bid £19m in an attempt to get Manchester United to pay more.  Regardless of if we get him or not, it'll be nice to bully United a bit.

The Juan Mata deal seems to be on hold until he gets back from the U21's, though it seems like Manchester City have interest in him now which could make things more difficult for us.

Ashley Young looks to be heading to Manchester United, though his wages are rumored to be anywhere from £100k-£130k a week.  In that case, I'm glad we missed out.  I image that we'll be learning more about our continental targets over the next 2-3 weeks, so stay tuned!