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Daily Links: Financial Edition

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Blanc: Racist?
Blanc: Racist?

In the Red: Liverpool reveal £20m loss in Hicks and Gillett's final year of ownership | Daily Mail
Liverpool financial results came out yesterday for the 2009-2010 season, and things weren't looking good.  I'll be putting up my own analysis of these results and how much I think we'll spend in the summer in the coming weeks.

UEFA's application of Financial Fair Play regulations won't be rigid | SI
Some more insight into the Financial Fair Play rules that are coming into effect soon.

FFF leader says he's unaware of quotas | ESPN
The FFF is currently under pressure for apparently having a quota of minority players in their youth system.

Serious questions remain despite Bates takeover of Leeds, says MP | Guardian
Leeds United's ownership remains unclear even after some disclosure.  Leeds will probably have to disclose more information if they want to get promoted to the Premier League (which isn't happening this year as they missed out on the play-offs)

Andre Villas-Boas dismisses mini-Mourinho comparison as he prepares Porto for Europa League semi-final | Telegraph
And finally, a great interview with Villas-Boas, a manager who was linked to Liverpool as recently as a few months ago.

And on a side note, I may not be able to put up a link post tomorrow since I have to drive back out to my college apartment, but it'll be back on Monday.