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Links: Ronaldo Praises Liverpool Edition. Wait... What?

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This guy was actually nice to us.  Crazy, right?
This guy was actually nice to us. Crazy, right?

Real Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldo blasts Barcelona's Javier Mascherano | Guardian
Liverpool actually gets complimented here, in a bit of an odd way.  But I'm not going to complain.

Maxi: Where I see my future | LFC
Maxi wants to stay at Liverpool.  Interesting to see him refer to himself as a fringe player.

Manchester City will not consider selling Carlos Tevez for less than £50m | Telegraph
Hopefully he does move to a foreign league, as he's probably been worth around 20 points for City by himself.

Fifa set to embrace goalline technology in 2012-13 | Guardian
I feel like nothing will come of this, but maybe Fifa will prove me wrong (they won't).

OptaJoe | Twitter
And finally, an interesting look at the Premier League table that would leave Liverpool in 4th.