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Los links: Clásico Edition

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Can this mans team advance to the Champions League final yet again?
Can this mans team advance to the Champions League final yet again?

With the fourth and final Clásico today, not much Liverpool news today

Clasico players who deserve credit | ESPN
With all the mudslinging between the two sides, it's nice to see a piece that gives credit to the "good" ones.

Uefa sends Collina to monitor Barca-Madrid clash | Independent
Meanwhile, Uefa is sending its head of refereeing to watch the match.

Liverpool striker Luis Suárez urges team-mates to see off Spurs in race to clinch fifth spot and Europa League place | Telegraph
Like Carragher yesterday, Suarez also wants to ensure that Liverpool finish in 5th for the Europa League spot.  I too hope we can finish there.

Webb to oversee Old Trafford showdown | Independent
Our favorite referee will be overseeing arguably the most important match of the title race this season.

FOX Soccer to debut "Soccer Night in America" telecast | MLS
And for us Americans, FOX Soccer will have new graphics and a new set design for their remaining MLS matches this season.  It will debut for the Philadelphia Union (my hometown team) at Portland Timbers match on Friday.