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Sunday Afternoon Rumor Roundup

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Lots of rumors about Liverpool's transfers have been floating around in the past few weeks.  Ashley Young is one player that's been heavily linked to Liverpool recently, as well as to Manchester United.  Now it's apparently looking like he'll head to Manchester United.  Probably not true, but there are rumors that they've offered him a deal worth £130k a week (for reference, Joe Cole is thought to be on about £80k-90k a week).  If so, I'd gladly let them take him, especially if they plan on keeping both Nani and Valencia.  Much more after the jump.

Aston Villa's other winger, Stewart Downing, does appear to be a genuine target for Liverpool.  This makes me think that perhaps our interest in Young was merely a smokescreen to block our true interest in Downing, or at least that Downing was always a back-up option to Young.

Another winger that Liverpool are targeting is Valencia's Juan Mata.  He is a young (just turned 23) up and coming winger who originally came through Real Madrid's academy and has 11 caps for Spain.  He is a quick tricky winger who could perhaps be most compared to Albert Riera, though I'd say that he would be better for us than Riera ever was.  He could step into our team and take the position that Maxi or Cole generally played on the left side, and would be an instant huge upgrade.  Plus due to Valencia's debt problems he would likely be available for a good price, with the number £17m floating around.

Gervinho, teammate of Eden Hazard, also has been targeted recently and apparently a bid has been placed for him.  He is similar to Kuyt in that he can play on the wing or up front, but is definitely a quicker player.  His transfer may be a bit more difficult since he has previously stated that he only wanted to play on a team in the Champions League, but hopefully Comolli can convince him otherwise (and if a bid for him has been placed as rumored, it indicates that he'd definitely talk to us).  Hazard, meanwhile, is still looking unlikely.

Charlie Adam also seems to be a certainty to join, with rumors of a £7m deal being agreed with Blackpool.  He'll likely have wages of around £30k-40k a week and will probably compete with Meireles for a spot in the first team (depending on other signings, of course).

Left back continues to be arguably the position Liverpool need to upgrade the most.  Jose Enrique from Newcastle still seems to be a possibility, but Dalglish also wants to try to get Leighton Baines from Everton.  Of course, buying any player from Everton is difficult, but Baines admitted to growing up a Liverpool fan in an interview several years before he joined Everton.

Some quick thoughts: Brad Freidel is rumored to be choosing between 1 year starting at Spurs or 2 years with us backing up Reina.  N'Gog has been priced at £8m by Comolli but will likely be sold for about half that.  Marveaux from Rennes has said he'll be playing in England next year but not necessarily with us (but I still think it's likely).  No real idea who our rumored "marquee signing" will be but I'd bet on it happening, or at least coming close to happening.  It won't be Aguero, but it could be Pastore or Sanchez.