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Daily Links: Some Transfers and Other Stuff Edition

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Balague: Liverpool are interested in Juan Mata and Jose Enrique but Fabio Coentrao is a no-go | Talksport
I'll have a more detailed post about some possible transfers coming up soon, but in this interview, Guillem Balague says we're interested in Juan Mata and Enrique, but not Coentrao.

Bring me the new Drogba! Chelsea chief Abramovich closes in on £20m Lukaku deal | Daily Mail
Seems Chelsea's biggest targets are Lukaku and Neymar (and possibly Aguero).

Uncertainty over De Gea deal | ESPN
Now De Gea is saying that a deal with Manchester United isn't done, but I suspect this is a legal thing as he is switching agents (to the same agent that represents Bebe, oddly enough).

Mohamed bin Hammam wants Fifa to investigate Sepp Blatter, too | Guardian
This is getting ridiculous.

Manchester City captain Kolo Toure admits his 'relief' over six-month ban for positive drugs test | Telegraph
Six-month ban, but he'll barely miss any games.

Fair-play Fulham earn Europa League berth | SI
Congrats to Fulham, who earned a Europa League spot.