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Daily Links: Bribery Edition

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FIFA investigates bin Hammam, Warner for bribery | SI
Thanks for actually getting important stuff done FIFA!  Oh, wait...

QPR fans angry at rise in ticket prices | Guardian
Ouch, season ticket price increases of 40%.  That's rough.

Liverpool midfielder Alberto Aquilani's future remains uncertain after Juventus let buy-out option deadline pass | Telegraph
Hopefully we can get this issue resolved quickly so that we can move on to other, more important summer transfers.

Gerrard: We can challenge for title | ESPN
With 2 or 3 good first team signings, I definitely agree with him.  We're not as far away as some may think.

Manchester United confirm signing of David de Gea from Atlético Madrid | Guardian
Definitely a downgrade from Van Der Sar, but who wouldn't be?  It'll be interesting to see if this noticeably hurts their defense next year

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger wants Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema | Telegraph
Benzema will almost certainly have a very high price tag, so perhaps this is a sign that Wenger will finally spend big.  Doubt it, though.