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Daily Links: End of the Season Edition

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Sorry for not putting up the Daily Links yesterday, had to wake up extra early today so I didn't get a chance last night or this morning.  I'm sad that the end of the season is upon us, but I promise that the content here won't stop.

Arsenal's Jack Wilshere and Liverpool's Andy Carroll left out of England Under-21 squad | Telegraph
Great news as it will let Carroll fully rest over the summer and come back strong for next year.

Aguero asks to leave Atletico Madrid | ESPN
I normally like to leave transfer gossip out of the links, but this is interesting as Aguero announced on his twitter and website that he would be leaving Atletico, but didn't say where he would be going.  Doubt it is to us, unfortunately.  Latest rumors say City, Chelsea, or Real.

Chelsea sack Carlo Ancelotti: another crazy episode in Stamford Bridge soap opera | Telegraph
Ancelotti's sacking at Chelsea was one of the oddest things to happen this year, in my opinion.

Chelsea confident of tempting Guus Hiddink to replace Carlo Ancelotti | Guardian
It looks like they want to replace him with Guus Hiddink, who's currently managing Turkey.

United kids win tenth FA Youth Cup | ESPN
Congratulations to them, though it should be noted that we've won it twice in the past 5 or so years and haven't had any real youth players breakthrough until recently.

The cost of relegation from the Premier League | Telegraph
Lots of TV money lost.

Why all football fans should applaud Wimbledon's promotion | Guardian
The old Wimbledon team was moved by its owners and renamed MK Dons.  Wimbledon fans created a new team, AFC Wimbledon, which was just received promotion into the Football League.  Congratulations to them.

Mourinho breaks silence, urges fair play | ESPN
Regardless of which team you support, the Clasico's this season were filled with dirty play, and that's a shame.  Hopefully that will change in the future.