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And That, As They Say...: Villa 1 - Liverpool 0

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No, seriously, I used to play out there!
No, seriously, I used to play out there!

There was supposed to be a giant kaboom!

This season, after all the hope that was engineered in February through April, was supposed to end with a kaboom. A win over Spurs and then a season capper that would have solidified us in 5th at Villa. And we were all supposed to be giddy thinking about next year, and upset that we didn't have this team to watch for a while when they've promised so much in the previous months. Instead, we got a thud, and I think all of us are happy to see the back of this season. Because now it's time to get to the serious work, the work that will determine where this club is aiming and where it's going. It'll be more excited than the first half of this season, i know that.

Commenting on the game won't do that much good, as my ESPN 3 didn't decide to click on until about the 40th minute. Doesn't sound like I missed much. What I did see is what I've often feared lately -- that when Suarez is off the team is off. And so it was. Moves broke down at his feet, his shooting was wayward, and when he did create Meireles gave the Villa defense enough time to catch up. I don't know why Cole was out there, but then there may not have been much other choice. No one else came to help out Suarez, and you get what we had here today.

Is it a blessing that Liverpool won't be leaving the shores next season? Maybe, but it doesn't feel that way right now. It was the '99-'00 season we last did this, and I don't think I liked it much then. But in the long run, Liverpool won't need as big of a squad, so they can focus on quality purchases instead of a new flotilla of players. But without the European adventures, I would think most Liverpool supporters would want to aim higher than just the top four. That'll be the stated aim, but I'm holding out. I've never been reasonable, though.

It's been the longest season I can remember. After the way it ended, I'm glad it's over. Didn't think I'd be saying that two weeks ago, though.

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