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Daily Links: Ridiculous Transfer News Edition

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Meireles set for double-your-money Liverpool deal | Daily Mirror
Meireles, who earns about  £30,000 a week, will likely be receiving a well-deserved pay raise after this season.

FA abstain from Sepp Blatter presidential vote | Telegraph
The English FA won't vote for a FIFA president.

FIFA to meet Qatar bid whistleblower | ESPN
Nothing will come of this, unfortunately.

Arsène Wenger warns of backlash if Andy Carroll skips Under-21 duty | Guardian
Really stupid comment to make, given Carroll's unfortunate injuries this season.

Wolves chairman Steve Morgan calls for salary cap as Premier League debt crisis grows | Telegraph
I had no idea Wolves were operating at a profit.  Good for them, I hope they avoid relegation so they can continue to grow.

It's a date! Barcelona set to bid for Fabregas on May 29 - the day after Champions League final | Daily Mail
I have no doubt that Barca's players will be tapping up Cesc all summer (again), but I doubt they'll make a bid right after the Champions League final.  

£150m! Real Madrid to demand astronomical fee for Ronaldo after bust-up with Mourinho | Daily Mail
Hahahahahahahahahah.  I only put this one here because it made me laugh.  This isn't happening.