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Hello World! And some Monday afternoon links...

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It was an emotional game for Andy Carroll against his old team, Newcastle United.
It was an emotional game for Andy Carroll against his old team, Newcastle United.

Hey everyone, I'm Robert and I'm the newest author here on Anfield Asylum.  I'm going to be putting up daily link round-ups about Liverpool and other major stories out of Europe.  I'll also try to contribute some other stories about Liverpool, such as a weekly transfer gossip story and a few pieces about our financials.  If there's anything else you guys want to see, just let me know and I'll see what can be done.  It's great to be involved with the Anfield Asylum community, and I'm excited to write for you all!  Now for some links...

Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish calls for goal-line technology | Telegraph
For those that didn't see the Chelsea-Tottenham game this past weekend, I highly recommend you view the goals from the game.  Both Chelsea goals were controversial, to say the least.

Jamie Carragher defends Liverpool's Europa League ambitions | Guardian
Liverpool may not be a position to get into the more prestigious Champions League, but Jamie Carragher thinks that the Europa League would still be a great tournament for us.  I agree, as we need to keep our European coefficient high.

Sami Hyypia retires and looks to move into coaching | Guardian
I started following Liverpool right after the Sami Hyypia era came to an end, but there's no denying the influence he had on our teams and I wish him the best.

Barcelona and Real Madrid's Champions League protests rejected by Uefa | Telegraph
My favorite part of this is that the charges against Mourinho were rejected simply because Uefa are already looking investigating his prior actions.

EPL title race is back on | ESPN
With the Arsenal victory over Manchester United, Chelsea are now in a position to challenge for the title themselves, as they travel to Old Trafford next weekend for what will surely be a great game.