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Daily Links: OMG WE SIGNED SOMEONE Edition

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Liverpool snap up Irish football's top starlet | Mirror Football
Liverpool signed 15 year old Alex O'Hanlon from Irish side St Kevins Boys Club.  Good luck Alex!

Liverpool striker Andy Carroll voices concerns over England Under 21 call-up | Daily Mail
Certainly understandable given his injuries and general poor form.

Porto beats Braga 1-0 in Europa League final | SI
Congratulations to Porto on winning this competition.

How to make the Europa League sexy again | Telegraph
Rory Smith with some good ideas on how to make the Europa League something teams actually want to be in.

Record income but record losses for Premier League | Guardian
It's the sad reality of the current game.

I'll put you to sleep in 10 seconds! Rooney in violence threat to abusive fan on Twitter | Daily Mail
Tisk, tisk Wayne.

Ferguson eyes three summer signings | ESPN
Considering how we've all heard that they plan to have a big summer, only signing 3 names would be a bit of a disappointment, considering that one of them will be a goalie.

Premier League wants us relegated says Blackpool manager Ian Holloway | Telegraph
And last but not least, Ian Holloway is as crazy as always, though I think he makes a good point about the potential fine.