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Monday Rumor Round-up

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Some interesting developments have been rumored to be occurring since I posted the Mega Rundown a few days ago.  The first is an interesting non-player rumor that has been going around since soon after FSG took over Liverpool, and that is that Liverpool are planning on closing and selling their training ground at Melwood and moving the first team to an expanded and upgraded Kirkby site (where the Academy is currently located).  The Kirkby Academy would have to be expanded and renovated somewhat, but this would be easier than expanding the Melwood site, and would be easier with the funds generated from selling Melwood.  The benefits of this would be to allow the first team to train with the reserve and academy teams, rather than training separately.  Dalglish has previously stated that he doesn't see this as an issue (and he previously worked with the academy), but still has many potential benefits.

Marko Marin has been one of the newest names linked to Liverpool.  A 22 year old winger who plays for Werder Bremen and the German national team, he would be almost exactly what we need in our team.  I personally would still prefer Juan Mata or Eden Hazard, but Marin seems much more obtainable, and is in my mind a better player than Young (from the limited clips I've seen).  Seems to be priced at around €15m.

Comolli also seems to be following up on interest in Blaise Matuidi from Saint-Etienne.  Again, not my first choice for the DM position, but would be a solid pick-up provide competition for Lucas's spot in the team.  Would probably be available for around €14m or so.

The one name that seems to keep coming up, as much as I don't want to believe it, is Sergio Aguero.  He recently signed a new contract that reduced his buy-out clause to €45m, and while Spanish buy-out clauses can be odd (sometimes only applying to Spanish clubs, and can be taxed), it is rumored that due to debt problems Atletico will let him go to anyone for that price.  His agent was at Anfield yesterday to see the Liverpool-Tottenham game, although there is a caveat to this: he shares the same agent as Maxi Rodriguez (who is also his best friend), and his agent may have been here to talk about Maxi's contract (which still has 2 years to go).  It's rumored that his agent is visiting Juventus today, as they have also expressed interest.  This annoys me, since they apparently have enough money for him but not for Aquilani.  But regardless, I still doubt this will happen.

One of our top CB targets, Gary Cahill, is rumored to want a move to City after they came in with a high big for him.  This has apparently prompted Comolli to push more heavily for Phil Jones of Blackburn.

Ashley Young also seems to have switched his views to prefer a move to Manchester United, but this may just be paper talk.  Either way, this one should be done to either team soon after the transfer window opens, and we will hopefully beat out United.

Hopes for Eden Hazard have apparently been raised a bit.  He still seems to still prefer a move to Arsenal, but Liverpool have made a serious bid for him and apparently have had encouraging talks and hope to steal him away from Arsenal.

The English transfer window officially opens when the last games of the season are over, while the transfer windows in most of continental Europe open July 1st, so it's not likely we'll see much actual movement until then.