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Daily Links: Disappointing Day After Edition

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Liverpool FC: Jay Spearing insists Euro dream is not over | Liverpool Echo
Yes, there is still hope for the Europa League.  Spurs need to lose or tie and we'll need to win.

Missing out on Europe could be blessing for Liverpool FC, says Hamann | Click Liverpool
I think most of us on here agreed that it would be better for us to be in the Europa, but there definitely are some benefits to not being in it.

Manchester United fans unveil '19 times' banner at Anfield | Guardian
Thanks, Manchester United fans, thanks.

Carlos Tévez: if I leave Manchester City it will be for family but I'd love to take title from Manchester United | Telegraph
I hope Tevez leaves since it would make it much easier for us to finish in the top 4 again.  City are much worse without him, despite the hundreds of millions they've spent.

Busquets racism complaint dismissed | ESPN
Busquets is cleared to play in the Champions League final against Manchester United.

Alan Hansen: Manchester City's players are as good as Manchester United's, but they lack their unity | Telegraph
Agree with this completely.  Our unity is the reason we've been so good despite having so many subpar players.

England handed extra Europa League place through Fair Play ranking | Guardian
Congrats Fulham, enjoy starting qualification on July 30th.