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Who will be leaving Liverpool this summer?

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This guy won't be leaving!
This guy won't be leaving!

After my last post highlighting who I think will are targeting for this summer, I thought it would be appropriate to discuss the players who I think will be leaving, and how much we can expect for them (and how much we'll save in wages).  All this is subject to actually receiving bids for said players, and I'm sure there will be at least one or two surprises that leave this summer.  Seeing the large list after the jump will make you happy that we have Comolli to worry about these things, leaving Kenny to manage the tactics.  Note that the wage numbers are not confirmed, and are either leaked, rumored, or just educated guesses.


  • Defenders
  • Fabio Aurelio: Oft-injured and with one year remaining on a two year deal he signed prior to this season, it is likely that Liverpool will be accepting bids for him but will find it hard to move him.  Because of his excessive injuries, any bids would only be in the region of £1-2m, though Liverpool would also save around £40k a week in wages.
  • Emiliano Insua: Almost certainly not returning from his loan at Galatasaray.  Liverpool will probably receive around £2-3m for him and save £20k a week.
  • Paul Konchesky: Perhaps the player most associated with Hodgson's reign of terror, Konchesky is gone this summer, probably for around £3-4m and saving around £30k a week.
  • Martin Skrtel: A player that had a poor start to the season, Skrtel has been more solid lately and is likely to stay.  However, if Dalglish and Comolli decide to sell, he'd likely go for £6-7m and save around £50k a week in wages.
  • Daniel Agger: Perhaps the most enigmatic of the defense.  When fit he is Liverpool's best defender.  However, it is rare that he is able to make it through an entire match without some fitness issues.  Current rumors say that if a bid comes in of more than £10m, he will be sold, and will save around £60k a week.
  • Daniel Ayala: Has been very successful on loans to the Championship, but apparently not in the first team plans at Liverpool.  Likely to be sold for around £500,000-£1m, and save around £5k a week.
  • Philipp Degen: Just not good enough.  Valued at around £2-3m and saving around £30k a week in wages.
  • Chris Mavinga: Rumored to be involved in a deal for Lille's Gervinho, likely valued at £1-2m and saving around £10k a week.
  • Sotirios Kyrgiakos: Would be out of contract this summer except for a clause in his contract that automatically extended it a year due to playing a certain amount of games.  Likely sold for £2-3m and saving £40k a week.
  • Midfielders
  • Joe Cole: The biggest disappointment for Liverpool in 2010-2011, Joe Cole was supposed to provide a stabilizing force in the midfield.  He has failed to live up to expectations, and is almost a certainty to be gone, with the only hold-up perhaps being his excessive wages (rumored to be £90k a week).  Some rumors say he will be involved in a swap deal for Tottenham's Aaron Lennon, though if sold on his own he is likely to be valued at around £6-7m.
  • Christian Poulsen: Another disappointing buy by Roy Hodgson, Poulsen will be gone in the summer likely for around £3-4m and saving £40k a week.
  • Alberto Aquilani: While Dalglish hinted that he may return, I can't see it happening.  Likely gone for around £16m and saving a rumored £80k a week.
  • Nabil El Zhar: Another player that's just not good enough for Liverpool, likely off for £1-2m and saving £20k a week.
  • Maxi Rodriguez: Until his ridiculously good form recently, many have assumed that Maxi would also be sold for around £3-4m.  It is looking more likely that he will stay now on wages of about £60k a week.
  • Forwards
  • Milan Jovanovic: Rumored to have denied a £6m move to Wolfsburg in January because they wouldn't meet his wage demands (rumored to be about £70k a week), it is likely that he will move on for about that much in the summer.
  • David N'Gog: Has failed to improve and turn into anything more than a 3rd choice striker.  Likely gone for £3-4m and saving around £30k a week.
Sorry if I missed anyone.  Out of this list of 16, I expect that about half will leave.  However, it's still a bit too early to tell.