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Down With The King

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We ride with you.
We ride with you.

In a bit of rain-is-wet news category, it was announced that Kenny Dalglish has signed a three-year deal to be our permanent manager, along with first team coach Steve Clarke (which might be just as important). We advocated for this, as did pretty much every other Liverpool supporter that isn't hooked up to a respirator, so it is a good day for all involved. And a three-year deal is just about perfect. It gives Kenny a first season of getting us back into the top four (unless he wants to just go ahead and challenge for the top, which would be kinda cool), and if he accomplishes that he gets a first crack at the Champions League. If after that either Kenny or the club don't feel he can bring European glory to Anfield (really the only thing we don't know about him yet), then there's only one year left to be eaten, and that's not that big of a deal. I don't think Kenny will sign another deal after this one, as he's never pretended to be a long-term solution. But I'm not worried about that today, and neither are you.

Kenny's biggest accomplishment, aside from the tactical innovations or the improvement in pretty much every player across the board, is that we're all so disappointed the season is ending in two weeks. Can you believe that's the case? The feeling of belief and excitement that's been brought about in his time this season is truly startling. I can still recall this winter physically dreading (if that's possible. I think you drag your knuckles across the floor when you do) getting out of bed to watch yet another turgid, uninspired, spirit-killing performance under Roy Hodgson. Now? I'm up hours before kickoff, and that's even for 7am starts here in Chicago when I've been out until 5.

But on the field, Kenny has switched formations and personnel and ideas seamlessly. How many formations have we seen? 3-4-2-1, 4-4-2, that with a diamond,  4-3-3, 4-2-2-2, 4-2-3-1. They've all been carried out. Liverpool have been a counter-attacking side when need be (at Chelsea) that defended stoutly. They've torn through teams in a attack when that was called for (the past month). They've been in the middle.

And the players? Lucas, who was already having a good season, has become a star performer. Jay Spearing is now a terrier. Martin Skrtel looks like he isn't about to implode every game. Glen Johnson has switched flanks constantly and looked better each time. Maxi Rodridguez? The fuck? And the kids.

It is simply a good day to be a Red.