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Daily Links: Destruction Edition

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Car destruction.
Car destruction.

Neil Lennon the target again after fan stages touchline assault | Guardian
The manager of Celtic Neil Lennon was attacked by a supporter during a match against Hearts.  This is disgusting and will hopefully never happen at Anfield, or anywhere in the premier League.  Fan destruction.

Barcelona wins its 3rd straight Spanish league title |
Congratulations to Barcelona on their third straight La Liga title.  Real Madrid destruction.

Tevez in line for Cup final after impressing in training | Independent
It's looking likely that Carlos Tevez will play a significant role in Manchester City's FA Cup Final against Stoke City, which will be a massive boost to them.  Stoke City destruction.

A theory on Jose Mourinho's undoing | ESPN
Interesting article on the rise and fall (well, this season at least) of Jose Mourinho.  Self-destruction.

Spurs plan clear-out but hope to keep Bale | Independent
Facing a lack of Champions League (or Europa League) revenue, it looks like Spurs will sell off a lot of their team.  It's fortunate that such a fate as not happened to Liverpool, despite not being in the Champions League next year either.  Team destruction.