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Daily Links: Not Much Going On Edition

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Bit of a slow news day.  Later (as soon as I can write it up, really) I'll have a post up regarding our potential transfer targets for the summer.  I'll try to do a few more, especially once the window opens.

Fifa ask Football Association to 'urgently' supply evidence of corruption | Telegraph
The FA is making more allegations of corruption over voting for the World Cup, and now Fifa wants proof.

Brady: West Ham stadium plans secure | ESPN
Even if West Ham are relegated, they will push ahead with their plans to take the Olympic Stadium in London.

Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish finally poised to sign deal as he targets Ashley Young and Stewart Downing | Telegraph
Dalglish will reportedly sign a contract with Liverpool soon (some rumors going around suggest either right before or during the Spurs game), and is close to signing Ashley Young.

André Villas Boas to stay as Porto coach | Guardian
Villas Boas will stay at Porto.  I really hope he doesn't go to one of our rivals.