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Daily Links: Sweet, Sweet Victory Edition

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Not much makes me happier than seeing this man smile.
Not much makes me happier than seeing this man smile.

Great win by Liverpool last night.

Match reports from The TelegraphESPNand The Guardian.

Tottenham’s Gareth Bale to miss Manchester City clash with ruptured ankle ligament | Telegraph
Gareth Bale is out for the rest of the season.  Very unfortunate injury, and he may be out several months if he requires surgery.

Guus Hiddink and André Villas Boas top Chelsea's managerial hit-list | Guardian
Carlo Ancelotti (and his crazy eyebrows) is all but sacked at this point.  I'd hate to see Villas Boas go to Chelsea, since he actually seems to be a very good manager.

Gerrard: We're out to reclaim our record! Liverpool captain defiant as United stand on cusp of 19th title | Daily Mail
Gerrard wants Liverpool to overtake Manchester United again, as it looks likely they will secure their 19th title this season.

Gerrard: I'll be back for pre-season | ESPN
Gerrard is a month into a three month rehab, and his doctor says that he is able to "push on."

Feel free to use this post to discuss the Manchester City - Tottenham match, on at 8PM BST, or 3PM EST.  If Tottenham win (or tie) we'll still have a chance for 4th.  If Manchester City win we'll be even closer to securing 5th.