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Magpies In May: Liverpool v. Newcastle Preview and Thread

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You've got to admit, that's some hair.
You've got to admit, that's some hair.

Do you change a team that just won its last game 5-0?

Yes, you do. You thank your lucky stars that Maxi Rodriguez actually remained upright, remained mobile, and somehow got his DNA crossed with that of an actual footballer and don't be on it again. You unleash Andy Carroll, who as conflicted as he might be surely wants to stick two fingers up to Mike Ashley who he claims sold him against his will. If fit of course. If not, well then yes, you probably stick with Maxi and hope his inane wanderings once again land him in the rights spot, like all the planets aligning.

There's now much at stake for Liverpool. A win sees them ending the day in 5th, ahead of Spuds on goal difference. That sounds pretty good to me. Even with their game in hand, with Tottenham's date at City and at Anfield, Liverpool would essentially control their own destiny for the league's lone European place.And just in case City pull of an epic collapse, well, you'd be in line for that too. But I'm not counting on that one.

Newcastle roll in firmly entrenched in midtable, with a season that won't amount to much more than solidifying Premier League status and selling off their homegrown god, forcing a lot of shirtless, fat, bald guys to weep into their pint of dog (someone please tell me why they call it dog). They haven't won in their last three, earning draws with United and Blackpool and losing to Villa, which is a real feat. Since Carroll became a Red, they've replaced him up top with Leon Best and Peter Lovenkrands, who I could have sworn was a winger. Kevin Nolan will return for this and he's what makes this team goes from the middle. He leads the team in goals with 12 this season. Joey Barton has also played well from the right of midfield, and hasn't managed to brain anyone with a bottle yet so that's always nice.

Jose Enrique will get to show the Anfield faithful what he'll be bringing to them as a Liverpool player next season, and he'll flank Coloccini, Simpson, and Williamson. Tiote and Nolan in the midfield will be quite the challenge for Spearing and Lucas, if they're the two in the middle. Also, Jonas on the left will give Flanagan as good of a test as he's seen, which is why I think Kenny will opt for the 4-2-2-2 that came before the Birmingham match, leaving Kuyt to help out on that flank.

Newcastle rarely come to defend, and not having all that much to play for (they're seven points clear of the drop zone), they might try and play some stuff tomorrow. That should play into Liverpool's hands as Meireles, Suarez, and Kuyt thrive on counter attacking space.

Come on lads, let's end the season with a bang, and it starts here.