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Bonkers: Arsenal 1 - Liverpool 1

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If I can't see it it's not happening
If I can't see it it's not happening

The wonderful thing about Arsenal is you know they're going to throw it away, but they always keep it fresh and new. Did you see that coming?

While the end was obviously goofy, I don't think anyone can say it's more than Liverpool deserved. With half the defense gone by the 60th minute and playing two fullbacks who weren't even born when Nevermind was released (God, think about that), Liverpool were brave and kept Arsenal from really creating anything. There was Van Persie's chance that Reina saved, and Koscielny's header against the bar in the 1st half. Other than that? Not so much. And it wasn't as if Pool didn't look threatening on the break at times, and had Suarez not gotten so greedy when clear through but at an impossible angle (though he probably has a right to give it a go again), Liverpool could have been ahead much earlier than the Gunners did.

As for the penalties? I think they both could have been given or not given, and I wouldn't have had much of an argument either way. Both Fabregas and Lucas made the most of it, to be sure. But Spearing was unlucky, whereas Eboue was just stupid. What could he possibly have gained? Even letting Lucas have the ball would have been fine, as the whistle was assuredly going to blow as soon as it exited the penalty area. If you're a title-chasing team, you can't possibly do anything that dumb. But Arsenal aren't, are they?

As for my contention that handing the title to Man United would leave me conflicted, I had my eyes opened today by Football365. Engineering results to go against a rival is small club mentality. It's something Everton supporters would think is ok, or Sunderland/Newcastle. And we are not a small club. I'll wince when #19 goes to The Theater of Prawns, but Liverpool react by going out and doing everything to bring #19 and #20 to Anfield quickly. That's what a big club does. And we are a big club, despite what others say.

And maybe being knocked off the throne is the last nail in the coffin that we have to have. Maybe it enforces us to stop holding on to what we are, finally come to fully realize where we are and what has to be done to get where we want to go. I think we've all been there, but this will make it as clear as possible. Liverpool haven't carried the name through the football world that United has for over a decade now, and if we want to again it won't be about what we did but what we will do. It won't feel good, but it may be necessary.

Oh, and I could watch Kenny tell Arsene to "piss off" with that smile on his face about 100 times more.

Other Thoughts:

-I should probably wait for a larger sample size, but Jay Spearing to me has earned a squad role next season. I wouldn't want him to be part of the first 11 for a big match next season, but with Gerrard always ouchy and getting older, and not wanting to start Lucas every match, Spearing should be the first option when those things occur. He's tireless, determined, and shows a better passing range each game.

-Once Kyrgiakos came on, I though whiskey was a viable option and it was 11am.

-I wasn't the only one I'm sure who thought that even as scary as the clash of heads look and the treatment that came after looked, Carragher would demand to stay on. He did the next best thing, arriving on the pitch  at the death. What's he made of, exactly?

-Meireles looks far better when he gets more centralized, which means this 4-2-2-2 we've adapted would really work better as a 4-3-3, but that's pretty much what it turns into anyway.

-Dirk Kuyt continues to confound me. In a match where counterattacking was the mode of the day, his lack of pace and touch kills you when he's out wide. But his coolness when offered a chance that he seemingly always takes is hard to replace. I just don't know where to go with him.