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Liverpool FC via Getty Images

I wouldn't be a very good Liverpool blogger if I didn't take time out to acknowledge the 22nd anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster. It was commemorated at Anfield today, and you should check out the gallery on

As a later-joining supporter, it's hard for me to feel the depth of sorrow that other supporters do. You take this on when you become a Liverpool supporter, you learn the history and try to take it as your own, but obviously I can't comprehend how others mark this horrific event in their lives, whether they were there or lost loved ones in it. It's also hard to fathom as an American, as we've never had something like this happen in our sports culture. That doesn't mean ours is better or worse or in any way related, it just complicates our understanding of the heaviness of this day.

And yet, I bet it's hard for anyone to fathom. A sporting event, a distraction from our lives, a time to feel together with people we've never met, and it turns more real than anyone could ever envision. I think about it and just wonder how anyone dealt with it, how anyone watched football ever again.

Justice for the 96.

-On to football matters, and if you haven't read it you should check out Oh You Beauty's chart breakdown of the win over Man City. It's what I wanted to get to but they beat me to it because they are way more awesome. It's quite the breakdown of just how much more active that Spearing and Lucas were against City, and how much higher up the pitch they were. It seemingly makes all the difference. Also, just check out the Heat map from Luis Suarez from Soccernet:


Dude's all over.

-Been a lot smoke recently about the Reds buying Jose Enrique this summer. I hope this is true, though 15 mildo seems a bit high. But he's exactly what we need. Assuming Martin Kelly can maintain form and health for a full season, and assuming Daniel Agger will only rarely be available for long stretches, Liverpool are going to have to play out of the back through their fullbacks. Don't sleep on how much Aurelio's composure with the ball made a difference on Monday. Maybe Gary Cahill also fixes this, as is another rumor, but I worry he might be off to a club that can offer European football next season.