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Didn't See That Coming: Liverpool 3 - City 0

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Ah, so that's what you can do.
Ah, so that's what you can do.

I think I'll just go ahead and predict more boring games ahead if this is how it's going to end up.

While i could sit here and write rhapsodies on just how awful City were, and a lot have done so, credit goes to our Reds. They were lively, they pressed, they harried, they were spunky in possession, and they were ruthless when the chances presented themselves. I'm not even sure 3-0 illustrates the gulf between the two teams. Yes, City were caught looking ahead to their clash this weekend with United at Wembley. Their team selection told us that. But when presented with a completely donkey midfield opposition in Barry and Toure, Liverpool swarmed them. They play at a higher pace with Spearing, and compliments Lucas to snuff everything out. Aside from one Adam Johnson run, he and Milner were ghosts. I had thought Milner had reinvented himself as a central midfielder, and whether that's true or not he certainly didn't do much on a wing.

I had waited a while to see what Andy Carroll could do closer to the box, and we found out. He's got Thor's hammer in his left foot, as that shot wasn't all that far away from Joe Hart, but at such a pace he could only wave as it went by. Also, nothing fell off Fabio Aurelio, and he really does make a huge difference. His poise with the ball, his habit of providing width, and the actual ability to fire in a cross hand Liverpool a dimension they so rarely have. I'm also warming up to this 4-2-2-2 formation, which I hadn't before. Meireles finds space, Kuyt slips into scoring areas and isn't forced that wide where he's helpless. Still like to see Meireles more central, and I don't know where Gerrard fits into it if this is how it goes next year, but we'll worry about that later.

And Luis Suarez is all that is man. Think Chelsea would trade him for Torres straight up right now?

Other Thoughts:

-Kenny apparently agrees with us that now is an excellent time to try some of the kids. John Flanagan didn't put a foot wrong at right back, but we'll need more than one game. Still, if he can use this last month to at least prove that he can compete to back up Martin Kelly next year, that's one spot less you have to worry about.

-Same thing with Jay Spearing. He's put a nice stretch of games here together, and is starting to show the ability to pick a pass. Liverpool play with more pace with him. Again, he's not going to be a star, but with Gerrard out for the rest of the season he has an excellent chance to prove that he can be a squad player next season who fills in all those games Gerrard isn't going to make, and that's another spot you don't have to spend cash at.

-Did I mention that Luis Suarez is all that is man?

-Kuyt's finish was just gorgeous. Most players, and most time he himself would have just smashed that. But he picked his spot perfectly.

-Watching Andy Carroll in the build up, and then his second finish, he has an excellent chance of being the player we wanted Emile Heskey to be instead of what he was. I'll settle for that.

-When you bring on Balotelli for Tevez, is there a substitution with a bigger tool factor than that?