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You'll Do As Your Told: Liverpool 3 - ManUre 1

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People say this all the time but I know for a fact I could have scored this one. Glad I wasn't asked to, though.
People say this all the time but I know for a fact I could have scored this one. Glad I wasn't asked to, though.

That was apparently the chorus raining down on the away support yesterday in reply to their message of doing what they want. To be fair, they did do what they want, or what it appeared they wanted to do after Sir Drinks-A-Lot sent out an insipid midfield with no protection for a patched-up backline and a forward combo that wasn't worked well together in weeks if not months. And they got exactly what they were asking for, which was a true mullering. After writing this first paragraph, I slipped into some sort of a state of shock, where I just rolled around the floor giggling and perhaps foaming at the mouth. It's so wonderful in this place, can I just stay here?

Right, back to reality. Ok now, thanks for asking. That's not to take away how good Liverpool were, because they were. Kenny came out in a 4-4-2 formation that I don't think any of us saw coming. When I first saw Meireles being shifted to the right, and Maxi in the stadium at all, I feared that Kenny had returned to the worst of the Hodgson days. I should have slapped myself for being galactically stupid, because this was far more fluid than anything Hodgson tossed out. In fact, the sight of Meireles leading charges through the middle or Suarez and Kuyt pulling out wide and both Lucas and Gerrard charging into the box would have given ol' Roy about six simultaneous strokes.

And United couldn't handle it. With no protective midfielder -- Michael Carrick would be the equivalent of trying to protect your head from the rain by shouting upwards through a megaphone that didn't work -- Liverpool's midfield continually poured ahead of them and onto an unprepared defense. Aurelio (before he predictably got hurt in what has to be the chalkiest outcome ever) and Johnson were also providing the width. It was awesome to see.

Oh, yeah, if this Suarez kid works real hard and has a few bounces go his way, he could be a useful squad player.... that I've let that sink in, I can't remember a single player like Suarez lining up in red in the time I've been supporting. One so lively and clever and fearless. Harry Kewell was supposed to be, but he was made of Australian propaganda and theories. Mark Gonzalez was supposed to be too, but turns out he didn't exist except in the mind of Rafa Benitez, and he still wouldn't play him. Wasn't Albert Riera suppsed to be too? And a host of others? We're only a few games in, but Suarez is simply a unique player that we haven't been treated to in many years. So will to take people on, always seemingly popping up where you didn't think you'd find him, creating and can finish. This will be a rare treat.

-It's easy to sit here and deride Dirk Kuyt's hatty from a combined distance of eight feet, but let's not diminish the brains it took to be in those spots. Ruud Van Nistelrooy made and entire career out of scoring form three feet out, and he was lauded for taking up those positions. I've been over it dozens of times here, but again whatever my complaints are about Kuyt's game I've always admired and appreciated how he is always able to put himself in positions to score big goals, no matter where he's playing. I think he's still more useful up top as a striker, and may be relegated to just a squad striker next season if he's willing, but he contributes all the time no matter how infuriating I might find him.

-Nani being guilty for the second goal make me so giddy I wanted to punch myself in the nuts.

-Speaking of him, there's no question that Carragher should have been sent off. So should Rafael have been, but once Carra didn't walk it would have been lunacy to send the muppet lookin' dude to the showers. While I heavily doubt Carra's tackle was intentional -- it looked like he missed while sliding for a bouncing ball - it was dangerous and reckless. And stupid, because Nani wasn't really going anywhere from there if he'd stayed on his feet. However, I can't help but wonder if Nani's penchant for cartoonish histrionics didn't help him here. After all, he writhes around and screams and writes in his diary whenever he enters a shadowed area. So how could the ref discern what was a bad challenge and one he's making the most of. Oh right, probably seeing the bone through the cut. Whatever. I'm sorry he's hurt, but that doesn't change the fact that he's a tool. And with his incredible talents, he needn't be.

-Evra's another one who I think would fall in the "unpleasant" category.

-Seriously, they handed Michael Carrick a new contract. Michael Carrick. Do Spurs fans wake up in the middle of some nights maniacally laughing about the 16 million they got for him? They should.

-However, this win only gets vitally important if the momentum of it propels Pool deep into Europa League and at least takes a run at fourth. The momentum of the Chelsea win was stunted by poor displays against Sparta twice and Wigan, though to be fair that Chelsea win did cap the impressive run that came before it. The only tough away date that remains is a trip to the Emirates, and you never have any idea which Arsenal you're going to get. Both City and Spurs have to come to Merseyside. As I've said, even if a hot streak to end the season doesn't result in fourth, it'll provide us some excitement heading into next season, as well as something you could show prospective buys indicating the direction of the club.