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Clean To The Other Side: Sunderland 0 - Liverpool 2

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If I'm reading this right, this means Lucas is having Suarez's baby, right?
If I'm reading this right, this means Lucas is having Suarez's baby, right?

Job done and that's priority one. After Thursday, you take it however you get it.

Liverpool for the most part were not inspiring. They hardly created anything in the first half, and just watched Sunderlad try and figure out with this round thing everyone was staring at was for. Perhaps they were looking for another beach ball to come save them. But the defense was excellent, and Pepe Reina could have concentrated on a new yoga routine or check the real estate listings for wherever he keeps hinting he'll fuck off too in the summer, such was his workload. When the Pool got the chances, though, they took them, and we haven't always been able to say that this year. In fact, we've hardly said it. Four points behind Spurs (though having played a game more) and eight behind City. This isn't quite over yet, not with both having to come to Merseyside. It's a longshot, but it keeps us watching.

To the other thoughts:

-Well, looks like I schtoogeyed Jay Spearing across the finish line, as is my way. He had his best game in the first team today by some distance, being active and cutting off lanes and even showing some keen distribution. And he won the penalty. Hopefully he can build on this and really cement himself a place. I'd like nothing better.

-Speaking of that penalty, yes it was outside the box but the speed the play happened at I can see where a mistake might get made. However, it's hard to have too much sympathy for Sunderland when they put exactly one shot on target, and that didn't come until they were down two goals and a man. Sorry Cats, but you didn't deserve to get much out of this game. And it's been a while since we've gotten a call, right?

-Daniel Agger continues to be the most important player to our cause. The defense and attack just look so much better when he's around. There was still too much Angry Birds stuff up to Carroll, but at least when Agger does it it's accurate.

-When I saw the lineup I was sure Kenny Dalglish was going for a 4-3-3, but it turned out to be a 4-2-2-2 which I think keeps Meireles too neutralized. But it worked for now, I just think getting Kuyt more forward and Meireles more central will work better.

-Carroll really is a beast in the air, but I still want to know what he can do in moves that involve feet. I know it's there, and his aerial Adonis act is a tool to be used. But he's more than that, right?

-International break, with West Brom and Ol' Roy waiting after. Then it's City at home, who will be staring straight at that FA Cup semi directly after. We'll know how much there is to play for after those two games.