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A nation turns its lonely eyes...
A nation turns its lonely eyes...

-Big news of the day is that Andy Carroll looks fit to be on the bench for Sunday's clash against ManUre. If he's on the bench, he's almost certainly to play a part in the latter stages, unless we're getting tonked or giving one  and even then he'd probably get a run out. If Liverpool need a goal he's another threat, and if we're holding a lead he's someone who can hold the ball up.

So what will we make of our new #9? I don't have any idea. I know that he's more than just a glorified Kevin Davies, which I derided him as as the shock of the money spent on deadline day washed over me. Carroll's game is much more complete than that. Yes, his strength is in the air but he's not going to be helpless when the ball is played on the ground to him either. And anyone who saw that Zeus thrown lightning bolt that was the 3rd against us in Newcastle knows he can finish with his feet too. Whatever his limitations may be, he's only 21 and there's time to grow. This transfer can't be judged for a few years. Anyone who saw Torres play at 21 at Atletico saw a splatter pattern of a striker all over the map. Looked different at 24. I for one can't wait.

-Also in the good news side is that Fabio Aurelio, Daniel Agger, and Raul Meireles all have a chance of playing. They're all needed Sunday. Liverpool cannot hold out Nani, Rooney, that annoying shit Javier Hernandez (this site will not, under any circumstances, call him by that other name) or Berbatov and whoever else with a backline of Carragher-Menelaus-Skrtel-Johnson. I'd watch that game from behind the couch. In addition, with Vidic now suspended it would be ace to have all our attacking options available, which all three of these guys are. But we'll have to wait until later in the week to get official word.

-Boy, I couldn't have been more wrong about the Chelsea-United game, eh? The same thing always happens in big games, which is the United midfield gets absolutely swallowed. Michael Carrick has been an absence of space for years, Darren Fletcher works hard enough but stunted out to the right negates some of that effect, and Paul Scholes is only useful to beat up on the Wigan's and West Brom's of the world. If everyone's fit, I don't expect this to change at all Sunday with Lucas, Gerrard, and Meireles running the show. It's just a question of United beating you on the flanks and up front, and with their riches there they usually can. They can also hold you out, but with Vidic now out and John O'Shea still back there, I fancy our chances.