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Just A Nut With Some Thoughts

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Apologies for my lack of entries, but with no game until Thursday and hardly any interesting FA Cup action going on, there isn't much to talk about. So I just have some thoughts on whatever's going on.

-I was pretty stunned that Arsenal grabbed a win over Barca in the first leg of their Round of 16 match. While I still think Barcelona are going through, it was still an impressive performance. However, it was 2-2 last year and then Messi had three by halftime and that was about that. I don't trust Arsenal to be able to hold them down again in Catalonia. But they can be beaten. Much like the Gunners did if you can force Barca out wide they don't have any plus crossers of the ball and certainly not any targets who are exceptional in the air, though Villa isn't bad. This was supposedly why Ibrahimovic was signed, except he's complete toilet in Europe, and a tool to boot.

-If AC Milan lead the Serie A, so can Columbus Crew.

-Vicenzo Montella is taking over for Claudio Ranieri at Roma, who have gone tits up again as is their way. I have a soft spot for Roma, as being the only Italian team you can watch without wondering what's the point of existence. Oh, and when I was in Rome I once saw Francesco Totti walk into a restaurant with no less than 15 models. It was hard not to be impressed.

-In another Champions League match, Vicente and Jauquin were on the pitch and Raul scored against them. I could have sworn it was 2001.

-There was a time when Chelsea could score a goal, right? I'm sure I saw it. Those double 6's to open the season sure seem long ago, don't they?

-Munich will beat Inter, and Rafa Benitez will appear before the final whistle to say it isn't his fault. I'm looking forward to this. 

Think that's it for now.