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Oh There It Is: Liverpool 3 - Newcastle 1

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Are you not entertained?
Are you not entertained?

Proving once again if you ask enough times, eventually you'll get what you want.

We've asked for Liverpool to finally make it look easy, to open up on someone, to show some actual ruthlessness. Guess all we had to do was wait for the captain. While it wasn't the 4-0 or 5-0 we might have most wanted, it'll do just fine. Even after going behind, even though I'm sure all of us felt the dread of previous tripping over the hurdle, it never seemed like the players did. They got right back at it, equalized quickly, and from there it looked like there would only be one winner. We've seen that before and then been left searching for our wallet and wondering how we'd get home, but today Liverpool actually made that statement make sense.

So ends 2011. It was a year of hopes not completely dashed but probably not met either. This was the match we had wanted to see far more often than we had, but at least we got it at the very end. It's something to build off of, and with the stiffest test waiting next, they'd better:


-So that's what Steven Gerrard does. I'd almost forgotten. It's amazing how much the team purrs when he returns to the field, Maybe it's not a good thing to be so dependent on him, but what team wouldn't greatly improve with his presence. Maybe it's just his confidence. Gerrard always plays as if he or the team will score, and it infects everyone else. Please stay a while, won't you Stevie?

-I don't care how much his knees creak or how much of a nutbar he is, Craig Bellamy is pretty much an automatic choice.

-The stories all revolved around Andy Carroll, and I'm about to bend over backwards here for him. There were moments where he was a moment late to a pass, or just off with his aim on his, or looked lethargic. His touch when clean through was heavy. He hit the post. Are all of these because he's just a clod, or because he's short of sharpness? I can't say for sure, but I will in about four or five games. He at least didn't hide, gave it his all. And he did start a counter attack at the end with a nifty ball to Johnson. Might oaks from little acorns and all that.

-The defense was once again Checkpoint Charlie, giving up two chances. One ended up in the net off of Agger, the other cleared off the line by Skrtel. Other than that, Reina could have gotten through a Sudoku book.

-I don't know if Coloccini's elbow was intentional or not, but it didn't look totally innocent. I do now that Cabaye should have been catapulted out of Anfield for that tackle.

-Luckily, Spearing didn't shrivel after that challenge, and had himself a fine match. He gets a little aggressive and reckless at times, but then again so did Lucas when he first broke into the team. The learning curve for a holding midfielder when you're not naturally one must be a steep one.

-I like what Henderson and Gerrard were able to when on the field together, and want to see more.

-Stewart Downing needs an assist or goal more than Carroll does, but I really wish he'd play on the left.

Right then. Everyone have a wonderful NYE. Don't drive under any circumstances, don't skimp on cash because it's only money, and spend it around people you care about. I'll be back at some point before the Man City match with a half season review.