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Do It Yourself Wrap: Wigan 0 - Liverpool 0

Every picture tells a story, don't it Rod Stewart?
Every picture tells a story, don't it Rod Stewart?

The wrap is so delayed because A) I didn't really want to think about that match any more than I had to when it was over and B) you've all read this wrap before. You know how this goes, and you probably don't need me to repeat.

Close your eyes, try and see if you can recite what comes next blindly, and then check to see if you got it right:

Liverpool dominated for first 20 minutes. Miss all their chances. Decide that's enough, let weaker team back into it before halftime and are somewhat fortunate to even be tied at half. Second half, dominate for 15-20 minutes, get even better chances, biff them all. Miss a penalty. Decide to fuck it, let weaker team off the mat. Become more frantic and disjointed, run out of ideas, legs tire, disappointing result.

I've done this wrap at least five or six times this season. It's getting old, and fast. And worse yet, it's sending this season's targets down the river and into some rapids, where it's going to take some heavy pulling to get them out of. Sixth feels exactly where this team's performances should put them. But it's frustrating to say that because we've been so upset with a lot of the performances. They and the team's standing should be better. But they're not.

The season will be half over after next week. Home dates with Blackburn and Newcastle. Maybe before we get to the big picture, we should see where Liverpool are after those two fixtures. They may tell us more than they ever should have.

Other thoughts:

-I'm not sure coming out with shirts poking fun at this whole Suarez thing was the best idea. Then again, I'm not sure the media treating the players and fans as monsters roving the quiet country side is either. I'll have more thoughts on this tomorrow when I have time to suss it out in my head.

-Either way, Suarez is still tired.

-I guess that Henderson-Adam thing wasn't going to go gold forever, was it?

-And the reason you know it didn't is all that space in front of Agger and Skrtel that Wigan had time to lock the sights, take a deep breath, and squeeze.

-Dirk Kuyt isn't getting as many games to stay sharp as he used to, but every game he gets now makes it clear why he isn't. I just don't know how he fits into this team with the way it wants to play now. He's probably better off up front instead of wide, and he'll get those looks during Suarez's ban. He would provide something like the constant movement that Suarez does when up top on his lonesome. Just not with the touch, pace, creativity, or fearlessness. I feel better.

-Seems Maxi is the opposite, where he fits better behind two strikers. Because he certainly didn't fit behind one.

-When Andy Carroll gets a run of games, he might not do anything else but be a presence in the box. And for now, that might be enough. I can't describe how ball-busting it is to see Liverpool create space and chances with some well worked passing, only to find a cross or final ball aiming for one guy in the 18. When Suarez pulls out wide, this is what happens. It won't with Carroll.

-Which is why Shelvey or Henderson pushed up were more encouraging. Especially Shelvey, but both got into the box when they were the most advanced forward. If for no other reason, this should be why Spearing gets back into the team now that his ban is over.

I'm going to go throw up now.