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Liverpool v Wigan Player Ratings

I really don't want to write these particular ratings. I really just want to punch a hole in my wall. Anyways, fair play to Wigan. They most definitely deserved a point from this game. As poor as Liverpool were overall, they to deserved a point. As for us fans, we deserve 3 pints for having to watch that disjointed display.

This was probably Liverpool's worst game of the season. Sure the throttling by Spurs was worse on the scoreboard, but Tottenham didn't do anything until the 70th minute against nine men. This was against a team in the relegation hunt and has to be a must win for Liverpool. The midfield was awful and we desperately need wee Jay Spearing back. Too many players too often were occupying the exact same space, and doing so statically. The movement was lacking and Wigan just packed it in.

Is it sad that I have started to hope Liverpool don't win any penalty appeals? I don't buy the obvious as an excuse, but the team was not all there mentally.

For the few who were able to watch, my ratings after the jump/poll:

Reina - 8 - Did very well to deal with some good shots from long range. In addition, he dealt with a horribly clodded pitch in front of him. He also got another chance to play sweeper-keeper. He is probably the most consistent keeper in the EPL.

Enrique - 6 - Got burned badly one time, but luckily it didn't cost Liverpool a point. That out of the way, every single decent piece of attack seemed to go through him. He did very well and did the best he could to provide a lot of width.

Skrtel - 5 - Very skiddish performance, nearly gave away a penalty. Some poor passing and overall just shaky play. Definitely not one of his better games.

Agger - 5 - Sure they kept a clean sheet, but he gave away the ball while marauding forward in the middle of the pitch. This cannot happen. He was there, but not mentally for the whole game. The whole back line just looked scared and tired.

Johnson - 4 - Missed on a clean breakaway. Got caught out a couple of times and took a stupid booking. Not a great night for him.

Downing - 5 - Where oh where has the Downing of August gone? Can we please get him back. He wasn't awful, and did put in some useful crosses and passes that no one latched on to. He also didn't do anything spectacular. For some reason there were a number of through balls played to him tonight. I don't know if they thought Bellamy and Downing switched flanks, but Downing was never going to get on the end of most of them. To his credit though, he did run down a few.

Henderson - 4 - Very poor. I thought he was subbed at the half, that's how absent he was on the pitch in the second. That said, there were a couple of bright moments including a cheeky flick to Suarez in the first half. However, that is not enough to make up for extraordinarily inconsistent play.

Adam - 4 - Missed the penalty. One good ball was the set piece that Kuyt flubbed. Other than that, he just didn't do anything for me tonight. His passing was off, his tackles weren't there and his shots were speculative at best.

Maxi - 5 - Very bad performance in the second half. His first half was ok, and he had some decent movement, but the second was very bad. All of the subs needed to be made sooner.

Kuyt - 5 - As always, works hard, but that goes without saying. Very poor finishing on the night. I don't know what happened to him, but it is shocking to think he was our top scorer last year

Suarez - 6 - While this was probably his worst game in a red shirt, he still proved a couple of times how dangerous he could be. He didn't get much decent service, but a number of the nutmegs that usually work just didn't quite come off tonight. Perhaps he wasn't actually able to clear his mind and who can blame him.


Carroll - N/A - Unfairly thrown on in the dying moments. Should have left in Suarez or made the sub much sooner. I did find him dropping much to deep for my liking in a game that we needed a goal and he was the lone striker.

Shelvey - 7 - I thought he came in with a ton of gusto and tried his best to impose himself on the game in a short time. He looked like the most lively CM we used tonight.

Bellamy - 6 - I wanted this sub much sooner. He didn't really do a ton out there, aside from pick up a yellow for dissent.