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QPR v Liverpool Player Ratings

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A bit closer than I would have liked, but, considering the recent run of games, I'll take it. The back four looked very solid and overall it was a better performance than the scoreline shows. This has to be a step towards getting the team back to full form. Again though, the finishing is sub-par. However, it was another fantastic display by an opposing keeper. I'm really getting sick of writing that.

The ratings after the poll:


Reina - 7 - Not much to do, but was up to the challenge on the few occasions when he was called upon.

Johnson - 6 - Surprisingly he didn't seem to get as involved in the attack as usual. It was a decent game overall for him in defense, but not what we've come accustom to.

Agger - 7 - He a Skrtel were a wall back there. They are a wall and clearly Carra is going to have problems getting games at this point.

Skrtel - 7 - Great tackle in the box. Otherwise, see Agger.

Enrique - 6 - Just like Johnson, he didn't get forward as much as usual. Perhaps Kenny thought the frontline could do the work and he was more concerned about giving up a crap goal.

Maxi - 7 -Should have scored when 1v1 with the keeper. A good display from him though. He was much more disciplined in his positioning than usual. I'll get on the Maxi bandwagon if he keeps that up. He linked up quite well with the front line.

Adam - 8 - I thought he was fantastic. His passing was phenomenal and he was 100% in control of the midfield areas. Great ball in for the goal as well, but what on earth has happened to his set piece delivery? They were all awful again. I'll give that up for these performances though.

Henderson - 6 - I really thought this was his chance to have a breakout game. He was playing in his preferred position of CM and it was against a weaker side. He should have been able to come alive. However, he was just ok in my eyes. A few good passes, a few good runs, but overall just average for me.

Downing - 6 - Was in and out of the game. I don't know what happened to the very influential Stewart Downing that we saw at the beginning of the year, but I really would like to have him back. I think he was the key to why we were playing so well at the beginning of the season.

Suarez - 8 - Well taken header on the goal. He was lively as usual. He is in a bit of a scoring slump. Hopefully this gets him out of his funk.

Kuyt - 7 - Good work off the ball as usual. Nothing overly inspiring, but he did play some good one-two passes. Tracked back very well to help out in the midfield, as usual.


Bellamy - 5 - Got another yellow. This time the hottest heads in the EPL collided. Having those two on the pitch at the same time is definitely like crossing the streams, although it gave me a good laugh at the time.

Jonjo - N/A - Not much time. Shored up the central midfield well enough.