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Nice That You're Fit, Have A Seat

Because I said so, Jamie
Because I said so, Jamie

As far as actual team news on the field, the only story going today is that Jamie Carragher has been pronounced fit and available for the trip to Stamford Bridge on Sunday. While it's nice to have that option, it is my hope that Liverpool stick with Daniel Agger and Martin Skrtel as their central defense. These days, Chelsea are shying away from the battering ram approach with Didier Drogba. They're far more mobile and creative with Sturridge or Juan Mata wandering around, and Carragher's statuesque mobility would lead to serious heartburn. Although these days, any one of the readers of this blog and myself could mark Fernando Torres, for all the good he's doing. But Kenny has shown a deference to Carragher when he's fit, and this will be a test of how much of an iron fist Dalglish has. In Liverpool's most important match so far, can he name a team that contains neither the captain or his deputy? I wonder. Also, considering Chelsea's exceptional recent dodginess in defence, Agger's greater ability with the ball is even more profound. And Kenny can't cop out by shifting either Skrtel or Agger to a fullback position to accommodate Carra. Liverpool need as many attackers on the field as they can get. You beat Chelsea by going at them (see: Arsenal).

-As my colleague Bromantic posted, Luis Suarez has been charged by the FA for his conduct against United. This isn't a guilty verdict, merely an advancement of the investigation. It certainly means there's enough that they found that they want more answers, which isn't good. The Guardian had this article about what might have gone on. But we won't know for sure until this charge is answered and a judgement handed down. I'm not sure why this has to take so long and is so complicated. It's pretty much he said-she said along with whatever other players were on the pitch and what they heard. But apparently it isn't that easy.