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International Round-Up

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We'll get to starting Chelsea week soon enough, but there's still some things to cleaned up from the weekend's action. Not much on Liverpool news today.

-Luis Suarez scored four against Chile, and I bet the commentators over there didn't skip over those goals to talk about his diving or complaining. Just a hunch.

-Obviously, England's result was surprising and impressive if for only it's doggedness. But Spain always risk that kind of result don't they? They did it against the US, and against Switzerland, and needed extra time against the Netherlands. Their style of play is one where they have no problems being scoreless for long stretches of time, under the guise that the opponent won't take the one or two chances they get and will eventually tire. If the other team do take those chances, Spain's patient build-up against quality opposition won't always lead to them clawing back three or four. And England are quality, despite what their press might tell you.

Also, it's clear England are better off with John Terry somewhere else, I wonder if Capello will risk that when the real games start in Poland in June? They'll certainly be better when Gerrard and Wilshere return, but only if they can keep Gerrard's superhero addiction in check. Kind of brought them down in South Africa, among other things.

-Oh, the US can't score still. While they're trying to play actual football for once, they don't have the players for it right now. They might in a year after getting accustomed to this style, but not now. Strangely for the Yanks, they didn't seem to have a lot of pace either outside of Altidore and Chandler at fullback. Oh, and Kyle Beckerman doesn't need to be in my national team any more.

-Can't wait for the Portugese to cock up royally at home tomorrow. That's going to be comedy gold.

-Is anyone else kind of worried that Fernando Torres might shake out of his incompetent ways against Liverpool? No? Oh, ok.